Film Flight over the Historical Gems of Trnava and Surroundings

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the beautiful monuments, churches and remarkable surroundings of Trnava, justifiably nicknamed “The Little Rome”. Enjoy the unusual film-like bird´s eye views of the gems of this town. Slow down and walk at a pace at which the clockwork of Master Franz Langer on the Town Tower beats. Make a tour through the baroque -classicist Town Hall, its unique Western Wing from the Middle Ages, featuring a three-piece set of Gothic windows. And do not miss the Renaissance prison with preserved drawings of prisoners. Experience the unique view of St. John the Baptist Cathedral, the first and the most beautiful early Baroque edifice in Slovakia, and the St. Nicholas Basilica. In the Northern tower of the Basilica, the clapper of St. Nicholas Bell, one of the biggest bells in Europe, chimes. You can also fly over two synagogues featuring remarkable oriental elements, and zoom in on the rich decoration of burgher´s houses in the historical centre of the town. The Little Rome has always been connected with sugar aroma. The film footage will present you a technical monument – the Trnava Sugar Mill whose construction started as early as 1868. The camera objective will allow you to visit one of the largest and most interesting regional museums in Slovakia, as well as one of the oldest universities in Central Europe. The town fortification is also unique in Central Europe. Video recordings will bring you to the fairy-tale Smolenice Castle, the Molpír ancient fortified settlement, the monumental ruins of the St. Catherine Monastery and Church, or the manor house in Dolná Krupá. By a short video, you will also be taken to the places where the rich Trnava wine traditions come back to life.

Town Tower

Town Hall and the West Wing

St. John the Baptist Cathedral

St. Nicholas Basilica

Trnava synagogues

Burgher architecture

Trnava Sugar Mill

Western Slovakia Museum

Trnava University

Trnava of the Middle Ages

Smolenice Castle

Molpír ancient fortified settlement

Manor house in  Dolná Krúpa

Katarínka Monastery

Winemaking tradition in Trnava

28. 4. 2014


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