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The offer of activities for meaningful use of leisure time in Trnava and its close surrounding can satisfy both romantic souls and pragmatics. Have you ever dreamed of having a nice evening on the lake banks with full moon reflection in the lake? In Trnava region you can change your romantic imaginations to reality. You can choose from several options. You can reach each of them on bike. You can relax at ruins of medieval castles, go for a walk in an English garden or cool down in a cave. It is worth visiting the wine cellars during the trip and buying a bottle of high-quality potion to make the romantic evening more pleasant. Your darling or friends will thank you for such a nice day full of experience with their pleasant mood and company. And what happens when cold and chilly days come?   Trnava does not betray you even in such case. There are several well-equipped wellness centers in the city itself and at its border, usually offering accommodation too. If you are not attracted by water, hiking or biking, it does not mean that you should skip the region. Perhaps you will start loving golf or you make friends with horses in some of the riding centers in the city and its surrounding. And there are many pleasant surprises waiting for you during the walks.



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