Landmarks and history

The first steps of Trnava visitor should lead to the city tower. After conquering one hundred thirty five steps the historical center layout with all buildings is open in front of you. You can decide right there which of many architectonic treasures you need to visit right at that time, and which you visit during your next visits. The seat of the archdiocese is well-known especially by its churches, but the sights of secular nature are extremely precious too. When uncovering them you can take a journey in time from the early Middle Ages up to the 20th century. There are certainly inhabitants, real stories and also legends pertaining to the buildings. There are many well-known persons connected with Trnava and the region who made Slovakia famous in the world with their inventions or sport success, or who significantly contributed to development of national verbal, musical and linguistic culture. Genius loci granted to the region perhaps a little bit more than to the others. You can uncover its attractiveness and sights also on routes that we recommend you in our web site.



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