Víno Tirnavia

The greatest wine festival in Trnava is Víno Tirnavia wine competitive exhibition, which is annually held in spring. Since 2003, the competition has gradually got among the best evaluated competitions in Slovakia. Víno Tirnavia has become a leader in the sphere of the implementation of new modern elements into the evaluation system. It is the first competition in Slovakia enabling wine makers to decide whether they want to decant their wines, and how long before the evaluation itself. This approach enables better evaluation of wines which cannot fully open immediately after opening the bottle for their complexity. That also results in an effort of wine makers to register their top wines, which would otherwise most probably remain undervalued. Not only a declarative but actual emphasis on anonymity, right temperature of served wine and other aspects of professional evaluation have advanced Víno Tirnavia competitive exhibition among TOP 3 Slovak exhibitions. A natural ambition of the organisers is to advance Víno Tirnavia at the very top. Individual tiles have created a mosaic of top Slovak wines. From the viewpoint of wine lovers, the most important part is the public presentation of competing wines. A possibility to try several hundreds of wines, which represent the best of what grew in Slovakia in the given year, is tempting for each actual wine lover. Organisers try their best in the professional part of the competition as well as at the public tasting. Wine and rose wines are stored in cooling boxes, while you can also try rare and expensive wines like e.g. Nitria, which reached the sugar content of incredible 52 °NM, etc. Visitors of Víno Tirnavia tasting can also participate in various competitions prepared by the organisers. Probably the most interesting prize is a possibility to participate in a professional degustation for the winner of a knowledge quiz. This way of visiting Víno Tirnavia tasting not only brings the experience of good wine but also new information and knowledge. Cultural environment with excellent wine with friends and wine lovers from whole Slovakia is an experience you will not forget easily.

Víno Tirnavia


Víno Tirnavia
Hlavná 1
917 71 Trnava

N 48.377233 / E 17.58562119999999

Phone: 00421 905 97 40 02

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