The Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Dolné Dubové

Dolné Dubové is a small village north from Trnava on the way to Dechtice. The most remarkable architectonic landmark of the village is the Gothic Roman-Catholic church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, which originates in the first half of the 14th century and was built at the place of a Romanesque chapel. In 1642, it was prolonged and newly vaulted. The visitation documents from 1782 state that the church used to have a 17-metre high bricked tower. The tower was finalized with a sphere covered with burnt roof tiles. In 1794 he village citizens completely reconstructed the church. The tower was torn down; the church was extended and a new tower was built, which resembles present appearance of the church. This reconstruction is related to the influence of one big name of the enlightment period in the village - Jozef Ignác Bajza (1755 – 1836). He lived here as a village pastor for 22 years and wrote most of his works here. During his work here, a statue of calvary was built in front of the church in 1793. In 1901 the organ in the church was replaced. The complex reconstruction of the church started in 1950. The interior as well as exterior facilities were reconstructed; the roof and nave pavement was repaired. A clock with interesting mechanical clockwork and weights on long steel ropes, which had to be pulled once a week, was embedded into the tower. The furniture was completely exchanged and the surrounding of the church was modified. Later the premises of the sacristy were also rebuilt. After laying of the new marble floor in 1970s, a new dominant element of the church was created – the window-pane of the by then immured gothic window in the sanctuary. In this period also the main altar was removed and a new one was created using the parts of the old one. However, the new altar is not in the church anymore because in the 1990s it was transferred to the church in nearby Radošovce. Today only the altar of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is present at the church, decorated with the woodcarvings of two angels originally coming from the original main altar. Nowadays the church is one-nave temple with a presbytery with gothic vault. On the left side of the presbytery one can find gothic stone pastophorium.

The Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Dolné Dubové


The Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Dolné Dubové
Dolné Dubové 36
919 52 Dolné Dubové

N 48.493673 / E 17.606038

Phone: +421 33 5592119

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