The Church of All Saints in Majcichov

Majcichov village lays south form Trnava on the junction of the Dudváh and Trnávka rivers. The village is already known for a past Great Moravia hill-fort of significant trade and administrative function – the settlements lying at the place of present Trnava belonged under its administration. Its present dominant is a Roman-Catholic Church of All Saints which was originally built in Romanesque style on a raised plot in the middle of the village in the 13th century. However, the tower is probably much older and comes from the period of a Slavic hill-fort from the 8th - 9th century. In the past it served as a watchtower which is proven by the walling on the eastern side. There are triangular slots used as windows in the direction of the hill-fort. In the 13th century, the main nave was added to the tower using stone and brick. The sanctuary was built in 1749, already in bricks, which was discovered during walls dismantling for the side naves addition. During the columns concreting, also the crypts under the main nave and presbytery, originating from 1550 and 1707, had to be opened. The members of Andreánsky and Szegedy families, who lived in Majcichov in 16th-18th century, were buried there. In the 17th century the church belonged to Protestants for a while. Therefore, in 1697 the Catholics had to build a new church in the cemetery – the Chapel of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, which has been preserved until these days. The church remained in the original medieval design until the middle of the 18th century when the original sanctuary was torn down. It was replaced by a bigger presbytery, which was of the same width as the nave, from which it was separated only by a triumphal arch. The rectangular sacristy was added from the northern side probably at the same time. Majcichov church was supposed to be reconstructed even before the World War I. However, the reconstruction of the church and the additional construction of the side naves started only at the beginning of the 1950s, when the new altar was built. In the 1990s the church was reconstructed and the cave of Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary. In 2005 the interior concept of the sanctuary was changed. Near the church and in the neighbourhood of the parish house, visitors can also find the monument of Ján Palárik (1822 – 1870), a writer, national awakener and parish priest of Majcichov.

The Church of All Saints in Majcichov


The Church of All Saints in Majcichov
Hlavná 334
919 22 Majcichov

N 48.284185 / E 17.630792


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