The Chruch of Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows in Trstín

Trstín is the last village on the way from Trnava through the Little Carpathians to Senica. Besides interesting Trstín mansions, one can find another dominant there – the Roman-Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul from 1763. The most valuable sight of the Trstín village is the Romanesque Church of Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows originating in the period around 1245. The church, which stands in the middle of a cementery above the village in Hájiček area, was probably a part of a small fortified castle above the important roads crossroads. The building had quite long rectangular nave with semi-circular apse and a western tower. In the 14th century the church was modified in Gothic style, proof of which is the header joist embedded into the portal on the south side of the nave. At the end of the 17th century, the church underwent extensive construction adjustments. The Romanesque tower was modified in Baroque style and the nave got a new barrel vault. The northern side was extended by sacristy and the south one by antechamber. The arched buttresses in the western part of the nave were built to improve the statics of the church. New windows and entrance to the tower from the western side were added. The church was repaired also after the calvary construction in 1924. The Romanesque origin of the Church of Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows is nowadays recalled by the apse with original window on the eastern side. Another interesting element is the latticed triumphal arch which also originated in the Romanesque period. Also the immured slot above the tower entrance suggests a presence of former Romanesque window. Unique location within beautiful and quiet environment is even more enhanced by a wooden bell tower, a spring and a calvary with way of the cross originating in 1923. The statues and reliefs in the stations of the way of the cross in the wood on the northern side of the hill are made of sandstone. The church was labelled “pilgrim” for the first time in 1763. Every year on the 15th August, on the holiday of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, pilgrims from the close as well as distant surroundings meet here.

The Chruch of Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows in Trstín


The Chruch of Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows in Trstín
Trstín 183
919 05 Trstín

N 48.525544 / E 17.465469

Phone: +421 33 5589281

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