Parish Church of St. Nicolas

Since the beginning of the town of Trnava, the parish church of St. Nicolas has represented the main town temple. The significance of the church is symbolically reflected in its dominant location at the highest point of the historical town centre. During the construction of this gothic three-aisled temple, which started sometime after 1325, its older Romanesque predecessor, to which the earliest documented reference to Trnava is connected, was removed. The construction of the biggest sacral building in Trnava was completed after almost one hundred years of continuous work in the first third of the 15th century. Even today one can admire fresco paintings from this period in the church anteroom, gothic portals and traceried windows, vault keys depicting human faces, a little stone font, or St. Stephen’s bell in one of the towers. The prestige of the parish church was later greatened during the Turkish expansion into the Kingdom of Hungary, when for quite a long period (1543 – 1820) it also became the main cathedral church of the temporarily seated Esztergom archbishops in Trnava, commemorated today by the beautiful stone tomb boards. As a new residential church it was reconstructed several times. The most extensive construction works, taking place between 1618 and 1630, were initiated by the archbishop Peter Pázmaň. During this period the three aisles were extended by side chapels. After 1630, the oldest and longest preserved main altar dedicated to All Saints was created. Later, a vault of church valuables was created in the gothic chapel under the south tower.Besides the Baroque furniture and equipment, an octagonal chapel also originates from the 18th century. The chapel became the home of the portrait of blessing gracious Virgin Mary of Trnava, worshiped as miraculous. The main altar and the wooden panelling of the walls originate from the 19th century. The neo-gothic wall paintings come from the 20th century. The most valuable presence of this period in the church is the sound of the main Rieger organ from 1912, daily accompanying the service.In 2008 the parish church of St. Nicolas was granted the honourable title of minor basilica, and it became a St. Mary pilgrimage location of the Trnava diocese.

Parish Church of St. Nicolas

Free entrance


Parish Church of St. Nicolas
Mikuláša Schneidera Trnavského 3
91701 Trnava

N 48.3787849 / E 17.5913951

Phone: +421 33 5931081

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