The undoubtedly original name hides nothing but classic mead. The term “classic mead” might not be the most suitable. Pavol Kudláč experienced mead in Apimed company owned by his brother Peter but decided to go his own way. Name differentiation was one of logical steps; however his honeywine is actually different. Pavol Kudláč cares about his mead like about the best wine. Vinification upon low temperatures is a matter of course, and thus like the best wines are normally composed of several grape varieties honeywine is basically a coupage of various honey types - acacia, flower, linden, maybe wild honey or even honeydew. Its exact composition is Pavol´s secret and most of us are not able to recognise it anyway; however the overall mead harmony confirms that individual honey types are really blended masterfully. Honeywine might also be distinguished from mead by the fact that it is not flavoured by any spices or herbs so the pure honey taste is reflected. The best and most complex wines normally age in barrique casks. The top honeywine is Včelovina špeciál. It ages in 225-litre barrique casks, exactly the same ones used for wine ageing. Whether you prefer Včelovina Originál or Špeciál, do not miss the visit of the manufactory. Pavol Kudláč hides different specialities there, whether it is a single-variety honeywine made of one honey type or the barrique ones. Only one type of barrique honeywine gets in the shop but you can try several in Smolenice. Honeywine ages here in new barrique casks as well as in casks formerly used for something completely different - whisky was ageing in one of them, Madeira in the other, etc. Honeywine which ages in it absorbs a trace of the drink having aged in it before, and thus acquires a new dimension.



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