City Indoor Swimming Pool Zátvor

Do you love water? Would you love to swim in it even despite less than ideal weather outside? The City indoor swimming pool Zátvor in Trnava can easily fulfil your wish. You can take a swim in a 25-metre long pool, divided to 4 swimming tracks and located in a hall with the air temperature of 30°C. The pool is 180 cm deep on one side and only 80 cm deep on the other side. The pool's side with shallower water is a place where you can watch the first swimming successes of your children without any worries. The water has an optimal temperature of 28°C. If you carry any valuables on you, the City indoor swimming pool Zátvor is equipped with chip-controlled lockers to safely deposit your valuables. Dressing rooms with showers and sanitary facilities don't even need mentioning. The swimming pool is built to be accessible for disabled persons too - toilets and the pool have a barrier-free entrance. Come to City indoor swimming pool to improve your shape or just to relax and swim.

City Indoor Swimming Pool Zátvor



City Indoor Swimming Pool Zátvor
Rovná 9
91701 Trnava

N 48.390774 / E 17.598237

Phone: 00421948698585

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