Čapičík Winery

The Winery of Ivan Čapičík is in the village of Zeleneč, just a stone´s throw away from Trnava. Ivan Čapičík Winery is a typical representative of so called home winery. The winery is in his family house, or rather under it. He dug the cellar himself and it is definitely not small nowadays. The winery was developing gradually from a few hundred litres up to present almost 20,000 litres of wine, which is a remarkable amount for a home winery. Ivan Čapičík buys a part of grapes from selected cultivators, choosing not only according to grape varieties but also according to grape quality. His biggest tanks have the volume of 1,000 litres so the selection of his wines is quite broad. More than twenty wine types are made of the grape varieties of Rheingau Riesling, Welschriesling, Pinotes as well as aromatic varieties like Pálava, Red Traminer and Devín. Ivan Čapičík produces his wines using the least possible number of operations, practically excluding additives. In his cellar, he observes the principles of integrated production, which is a sort of pre-stage of bio production. He minimises chemical spraying and orientates on green works in the vineyard. Wines of Čapičík Winery production present a modern style full of fruitfulness and original grape variety bouquets. In connection with non-interventionist philosophy of wine production, the wines of Ivan Čapičík are perfect representatives of home-made but modern and pure wines. Ivan Čapičík is one of the initiators of the establishment of Linčanský džbánek, a local wine competition, which is among nomination exhibitions of National Wine Collection. As people do not only drink, we should mention one more speciality you can taste with wines - exquisite sausages awarded at several competitions.

Čapičík Winery


Čapičík Winery
Hlavná 94/92
919 21 Zeleneč

N 48.3278877 / E 17.599123200000008

Phone: 00421 949 30 53 15
E-mail: ivan.capicik@enel.com

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