Walk in century of life on Hlavná Str. (Main street) in Trnava

You have chance to see the unique exhibition mapping one-hundred- year-long run of time on today´s pedestrian zone in Trnava, under the name Hundred Years in Main Street in Trnava situated in the chapel in courtyard of the town hall, always on Tuesday and Thursday between 10,00 a.m. and 12,00 a.m. and 2,00 p.m. and 5,00 p.m. Author of exhibition prepared by the City of Trnava in cooperation with the West-slovakian museum is Simona Jurčová.

The exhibition consists of approximately seventy reproductions of old postcards of Trnava from the period between 1900  and 1960 from the collection of the Trnava collector Jozef Benka and eight couples of pictures made by Blažej Vittek from his recent exhibition in West-slovakian museum in Trnava held several years ago under the name Trnava in the Past and Today. The oldest views are provided by the colored drawings from the first so called lithographic „window“ postcards from approximately 1898. On each of them there are several drawings of various Trnava sights amended by ornamental border.

The concept of exhibition offers the visitors an inter-connection of the micro-world of particular parts of the street and houses in several time periods in pictures grouped in thematic blocks in direct link to macro-world of the plan of the street dated 1895.  As Simona Jurčová said, this historical plan was so detailed that you can even find some house dimensions in it – and what´s unique – even names of the house owners from that time. Using  the plan the visitors orientate themselves so that they can see in which part of the street or in front of which house they „are standing“, authentic visual perception of the particular place is amended by pictures or historical advertisement of the shop or enterprise that used to be located on that place. Postcards and pictures are amended by brief descriptions.

Futuristic vision of the city. Postcard was issued by Adolf Horowitz in Trnava, about 1910

23. 5. 2014


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