Trnava Wine Season in Full Swing

The wine season is in full swing. The vineyards of the Trnava Region witness again a small miracle of transforming bare grey-brown branches into lush green bushes loaded down with bunches of grapes. The Trnava  winemaking and viticulture follows the famous traditions, and experiences its renaissance. You can now take a taste of world-class wines not only in Trnava, but also in wineries in its vicinity.
It is no exaggeration to say that from the 12th to the 18th centuries, Trnava was a capital city of the wine trade, like ancient Pompeii or modern Bordeaux. In the 19th century, Trnava was the seat of one of the major wine traders in Hungary, who also owned the largest wine barrel in central Europe, with an impressive volume of 114 000 litres.
The Trnava citizens are justly proud of their past, and they cherish the wine tradition of their town. The fact that they are more than successful in doing it is proved by the number of wine-related events. The most important is Víno Tirnavia, the spring international competition that in twelve years of its existence has become the most prestigious competition in Slovakia.
Every January, the city of Trnava hosts a ceremony of blessing young wines, celebrated by the Trnava Archbishop. In the autumn, during the Day of Wine Cellars, you can also visit ancient cellars in the historical centre of the city, not otherwise open to public. The winemakers from near and far present here their wines.

Foto: Blažej Vittek

30. 4. 2014


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