Medieval Christmas Markets on St Nicholas Square

Another year has run away as fast as water in our Trnava. Advent is here again and once again a time to stop, look back and for three days to travel back several centuries to medieval Trnava. As in winter 2015 the low morning sun will barely peep through the grey clouds to see what is happening in front of the parish church. There will already be the clatter of wheels, the stamping of horses’ hooves on the frosty ground, the shouts of the drivers, the quarrelling of stall-keepers and the jingle of bells. It is Friday 18 December and at twelve o’clock on St Nicholas Square the third Medieval Christmas Markets are beginning.
Nobody can go by without stopping. Work in the fields and the vineyards has stopped; it is time for joy and the excited anticipation of the promised new life. The most beautiful holidays of the year are getting closer; all the housekeeping must be finished and for everything must be ready for the table. The chilly air carries scents of smoke, smoked meat, sausages, flatbreads and other specialities of medieval cuisine. The craft workers shout out to attract buyers and sell the products of their skill on the spot. Potential buyers inspect the goods carefully, bargain for a better price, celebrate a good deal with a drink and a bite to eat and call friendly greetings to their acquaintances. While the children play on wooden merry-go-rounds, the adults discuss the situation in the city. Some criticise and others praise the local nobles and the mayor for the management f the city, the reconstruction of the parish church or the seizure of the property of the Trnava Holy Cross Hospital. As happens on these occasions, arguments break out and the hottest heads come to blows. Visitors to the markets need not be afraid of getting involved in a fight against their will. The situation will be firmly under the control of the strong and skilful members of the Fencing guild of Trnava and the Trnava Company of Mercenaries. Even the rowdiest of brawlers at the Medieval Christmas Markets end as friends. It is up to us whether we toast friendship with a glass of wine from the Trnava vineyards or a cup of hot mead.

You are warmly invited not to miss this trip back into the history of our city. The Middle Ages will take over St Nicholas Square not only on Friday 18 December but also on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 December.

Photo: Matúš Koprda


1. 12. 2015


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