Wine Cellars Day in Trnava

The town of Trnava was the first free royal town at the territory of present Slovakia. It resulted in many privileges. One of them was the right to sell wine, from which Trnava benefited greatly and it thus became a centre of wine trading. This tradition was followed by the event of Wine Cellars Day in Trnava, which was first held in 2003. In spite of the fact that Trnava has the most successful Slovak winery, the number of wineries in town cannot be compared to towns like Modra or Pezinok. That was the main reason why the Wine Cellars Day in Trnava adopted a different concept. The old Trnava centre is full of cellars. Some of them are accessible as various shops, others are inaccessible and the only way how to get in them is during the event of Wine Cellars Day in Trnava. Organisers, following the old tradition, invite the best wineries from closer as well as more distant surroundings or even from abroad and enable them to present their top wines in the cellars of the historical town centre. Some cellars are smaller, more intimate and suitable for only one wine maker, others are extensive, able to house a hundred of visitors; others excel at unique architecture and some are not even cellars. The town of Trnava has one of the best-preserved medieval fortifications, and thus visitors of “Trnava cellars” can also try wines in some towers of town fortification. Another interesting part of the event are historical synagogues, which nowadays function as art galleries, and for one day, they become galleries in which you can admire wine art. It is important that visitors of the wine tour have a possibility to become familiar with wines from whole Slovakia, from the wine region of the Little Carpathians to Tokaj, at a relatively small area. They include wines of well-known names as well as of unknown ones, which can however offer unique wines. Eleven cellars were opened in the first year, and organisers then considered the increase of their number at twenty to be a success. Nowadays, wine makers are presented in more than thirty “cellars”, and in order to maintain the cultural level of the event, organisers limit the number of tickets to seven hundred. They are always sold out already several weeks in advance, however constant changes of cellars and wine makers make visitors come back again and again.

Wine Cellars Day in Trnava


Wine Cellars Day in Trnava
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