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You can try Slovak newly cultivated wines in their purest form in Modranka, which used to be a separate village but is a part of the town of Trnava nowadays. There is a winery with a characteristic name Vitis select. Its history already started at the time of the Research Wine and Wine Making Station in Šenkvice, which does not exist anymore. Daniel Sekera, Dorota Pospíšilová and Tibor Ruman worked on the cultivation of new Slovak varieties, whether grape or table ones. Daniel Sekera has been dealing with the popularisation of newly cultivated varieties up to now. His cellar in Modranka houses several years of wines made of practically all newly cultivated grape varieties. They include Breslava, Hetera, Milia, Noria, Nitria, Váh, Hron, Rimava, Rudava, Rosa, Torysa, etc. At the time when the given newly cultivated varieties were still in the phase of experiment, Daniel Sekera used them to make wines in order to be able to assess the quality of individual varieties. His experience with these varieties is priceless. Vitis select company might rather be a producer of grape varietal seedlings than a winery. However, Daniel Sekera is a person who cares about the future of Slovak wine making and predominantly grape varieties he helped cultivate. Besides knowledgeable speaking about individual varieties, the cellar of Vitis select is perhaps the only possibility how to try Slovak newly cultivated varieties at one place. This possibility is mainly priceless due to the fact that wine was not produced with the intention to sell it and thus adjust it to customer taste by means of barrique or other methods. It was produced without any regulations in its purest form in order for the given variety to show its potential. A visit of Vitis select winery is not only about getting familiar with wines but rather about getting familiar with the character and history of varieties. And it is mainly a chance to meet a person who has dedicated all his life to the cultivation of vineyards and who has passed the knowledge to further generations with Dorota Pospíšilová and Tibor Ruman in The Ampelography of Slovakia, of which he is a co-author. The results of the work of this team should actually not be called newly cultivated varieties anymore, as they have already been recognised and listed in the registered grape varieties.



Vitis select
Javorová 51
917 05 Trnava

N 48.35153529999999 / E 17.61165779999999

Phone: +421/33/32 36 302, 00421 918 217 722

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