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The foundation of Trnava University was a significant contribution to Trnava’s history. This international institution helped the town to become the centre of the Catholic faith revival, as well as the centre of education and culture in the Kingdom of Hungary. Thanks to the university, Trnava appeared on the intellectual map of Europe. Besides spiritual renewal, it brought unusual construction activity. The construction of many majestic school buildings and dormitories gave a part of Trnava a completely new appearance. At the place of the former Dominican monastery, on the north side of the St. John the Baptist Church, a new unusually large building with two courtyards emerged during the 17th century, continuously replacing original monastery wings. The school building with the classrooms of the faculty of philosophy and theology provided accommodation to the chancellor, professors and their guests, and housed the university library and printing house, theatre, public pharmacy, and botanical and decorative gardens. A part of the building was also the so-called mathematical tower, with an astronomic observatory which was an internationally recognized workplace using measuring devices of the quality comparable with the British. A part of the premises was also a garden encircled with outer houses such as a bakery, tailor’s workshop, carriage room, and stables. This prosperous institution, which included expensive equipment, would not do without a detailed fire management plan within which every member of the school – the gate-keeper, students, pharmacist, conductor of the orchestra and its members, professors, deans, and chancellor – each had a specifically designated task. Maybe that is also one of the reasons why in 1666 and 1683 the university buildings withstood destructive fires in the town. Fortunately, besides studying, university students had the chance to take part in various enjoyable school activities. In addition to singing in the church choir, they had the opportunity to perform in musical evenings with plays accompanied by music, singing and dance performances. Also, the first opera performance within Slovakia took place within the premises of Trnava university. An attractive part of the university was a recreational facility with a farm in the nearby village of Biely Kostol. The Albanus villa farm was mainly used during the summer by professors as a place of relaxation from the yearlong hustle.

Trnava University


Trnava University
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