Trnava Days

Trnavské dni (Trnava Days) with sub-title Love, peace and understanding, are dedicated to extraordinary people from the whole world that gained exceptional success in their areas and are related to Trnava. Since 1994, prominent scientists, including also Nobel prizes laureates, well-known artists and sportsmen, pedagogues and publicists, church representatives, and other significant spiritual leaders have participated in this apolitical and multi-confessional event. Ceremonial welcome of guests from Slovakia and from abroad takes place in town hall conference room and one of its parts is entering the present guests into the town visitors’ book. Every year the event participants spend several days in Trnava, during which they commemorate significant anniversaries in the town history and get familiar with the rich cultural inheritance related to the Trnava region identity. The final highlight of the Trnava days is an evening gala in Ján Palárik’s Theatre.



Trnava Days

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