Tour Around Dudváh

The tour of villages around the Dudváh River starts in the centre of Trnava close to the railway station. At first, take the southern direction along Zelenečská Street, which continues behind the town as a third-class road. It runs through Zeleneč further southwards to Majcichov, which is at the confluence of the Dudváh and Trnávka. In the period of the Kingdom of Hungary, there was a fort with substantial trade and administrative functions. The most famous personality of the village history was Ján Palárik, a writer and national revivalist, whose life and work are commemorated by a memorial and a memorial room. The dominant feature of the village is originally Romanesque Roman Catholic Church of All Saints. The road from Majcichov runs north-eastwards along the Dudváh valley, while enjoyable landscape scenery with Vlčkovský háj protected area will accompany us in the east.  The area along Dudváh is characterised by a great concentration of country houses. The villages of Opoj, Vlčkovce and Križovany nad Dudváhom used to be the village of Dudváh between 1975 and 1991. The remarkable Church of St. Theresa in Vlčkovce and the Church of the Holy Trinity in Opoj are places of interest. Especially valuable Romanesque Rotunda of the Exaltation of the Cross originating before 1246 is situated in Križovany nad Dudváhom. It is joined to the Roman Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Cross. A valuable architectonic sight of Zavar, a village situated northwards, is a Classicist manor house. Sights of the village include the Roman Catholic Church of the Nativity of Virgin Mary. Upon going north-eastwards from Zavar, there is the village of Šúrovce with its Classicist Church of St. Michael Archangel. From Zavar, continue northwards to Dolné Lovčice with its modern architectonic sight from 1994 – the Church of St. Gorazd. It is the first church in Slovakia dedicated to St. Gorazd, a follower of St. Methodius. Dolné Lovčice is territorially joined to Brestovany. Its dominant element is a Classicist monastery built at the uphill above the village, which was reportedly visited by Fryderyk Chopin, a Polish composer. He is commemorated by a bust in the park in front of the manor house. The Roman Catholic Baroque Church of St. John the Baptist is also interesting in Brestovany. Going northwards from Brestovany, you reach Bučany village, situated at the confluence of the Blava and Dudváh Streams. The most significant sight of the village is original Gothic Roman Catholic Church of St. Margit. So called Rondel memorial in the area of motorway rest area is also interesting. Take the second-class road south-westwards from Bučany to return to Trnava.


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