The Evangelical Church

The Evangelical Church was the first church built outside of Trnava’s historical centre, in an area that previously occupied by the water ditch of the town’s fortification.In 1910, the Evangelical church community bought land south of the fortification wall, where Alžbeta´s Hotel and a big garden were situated, for the construction of a planned church and a big multifunctional house. Designs were ready in 1914; however, World War I thwarted the intention and church construction based on the designs of architect, Josef Marek, did not start sooner than 1923. The Evangelical Church is a central functionalist building with a main four-sided tower and two secondary staircase towers. Interior centrepieces are the pulpit and the altar with the organ in the background, towards which amphitheatre-like arranged pews and a semi-circular gallery are oriented. Three church bells were a gift from the Trnava bell-foundry Fisher family. It was not until 1928 that construction began of the neighbouring functionalist multifunctional house, designed by Juraj Charváth. From the original building, the Evangelicals left a storeyed Empire building, adjacent to the fortification wall on the back side, where the parish office is still seated.However, the Evangelical community’s history reaches further beyond the construction of this church. Already in the second half of the 16th century a significant number of burghers supported the ideas of reformation. But the Catholic Church kept the majority of inhabitants under the influence of the Archbishopric of Esztergom and the Jesuits, and thus Protestants were constantly fighting in their efforts to be enabled legal operation. In spite of the 1606 Peace of Vienna, safeguarding religious freedom, disputes continued. Eventually, despite continuous restraints by the municipality, the Evangelicals built a church and a rectory with a school in one of the houses at Františkánska Street in 1615, and used it until 1671. It was later used by Benedictines, Trinitarians, and finally Ursuline sisters. Reformed churches stopped their activities in Trnava in 1709 after the defeat of the Rákoci uprising, when they lost the possibility to form church communities in the region for a long time. The first Evangelical Church in Trnava was also closed in the 18th century.

The Evangelical Church


The Evangelical Church
Námestie SNP 5
91701 Trnava

N 48.373343789077914 / E 17.586165649737495

Phone: +421 33 5513984; +421 903 794926

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