Summer Outdoor Swimming Pool Castiglione

The outdoor swimming pool Castiglione is ready for everyone who seeks shelter from intrusive sun rays and wants to let their body enjoy a bit of refreshment. It offers its visitors a pool for swimming with the maximum depth of 180 cm. The other part of the pool is reserved for a 80 cm deep area. The pool's total length of 25 m will satisfy everyone who wants to swim to the fullest. The water temperature during summer is not constant but fluctuates around 28°C. Three small pools are always filled with children's laughter and water toys. The pool has capacity of 1,500 people and offers rental of plastic deckchairs. Visitors like to spread their blankets and enjoy their time with sweet "doing nothing" on a grassy area growing along the pool. A volleyball playground too can be found on the premises of the summer swimming pool Castiglione. If you want to have a refreshing lemonade or something to drive the hunger away, you don't have to go far, the premises of the summer swimming pool also include a snack bar. Dedicated sanitation facilities and showers are of course included.


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Summer Outdoor Swimming Pool Castiglione
J. Slottu 45
91701 Trnava

N 48.377019 / E 17.603703

Phone: 00421 33 5592 880

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