St. Bartholomew’s Church in Ružindol village

Ružindol village lies west from Trnava on Little Carpathians Wine Route in direction towards Modra. The dominating building of the village is the Roman-catholic church of St. Bartholomew. The church, originally built in Gothic style, was already mentioned in the 13th century. Some sources say that the church was built in 1215 under rule of the Hungarian king Ondrej II. The inscription on the wall above the sanctuary, which was immured during the church reconstruction in 1741, was allegedly a proof of that. Although the truthfulness of this word was not proven, it is obvious that Ružindol belongs to the oldest parishes within the Trnava region. However, the visitation documents from 1635 say the church has a different patronage at that time; its patron was St. Catherine. The change of the patronage was probably connected to the plundering and devastating of the village surroundings during the anti-Habsburg uprising around 1623. The interior of the church was burnt out which was probably the main reason why it was dedicated to a different patron. Presumably, in the middle of the 17th century the reconstructed church was consecrated again and St. Bartholomew the Apostol became the new patron of the parish. The Ružindol church has been reconstructed several times. The last extensive reconstruction occurred in 1890 when the sanctuary was torn down and a new nave was built at its place. The original nave became a sanctuary which changed the whole orientation of the church. A tower was added to the present church at that time in which the original Gothic portal was walled in. Today the St. Bartholomew’s Church in Ružindol is a significant sacral landmark and an architectonic dominant of the village. It represents a collection of sight values with original urban, artistic and craftwork elements.



St. Bartholomew’s Church in Ružindol village
Ružindol 1
919 61 Ružindol

N 48.369955 / E 17.494075

Phone: +421 33 5549139

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