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The eyes of visitors arriving in Trnava are not pleased by neat rows of vineyards around the town anymore. However, if you walk around the streets of historical centre and listen to stories told by the stones of old houses or bricks of even older cellars, the famous wine making history of Trnava opens up. It is the history of Trnava, which used to own all vineyards from the Little Carpathians up to Považský Inovec and whose privileged position in wine trading was repeatedly confirmed by one monarch after another. Trnava became the capital of wine for long five centuries not only at the territory of present Slovakia, but its position was dominant in the whole Kingdom of Hungary. It became a free royal town already in the first half of the 13th century also thanks to the wealth earned by its burghers in wine trading. The last reminder of the famous wine history is a legend on the biggest cask built by Anton Valc, a wine trader from Trnava. According to contemporary sources, it was the biggest cask in the whole Kingdom of Hungary, whole Europe and even in the whole world. We know that it was not entirely true; however it remains the biggest cask of that time, which was actually used for wine. The 20th century seems to have wanted to bury all memories of Trnava wine tradition forever. The reasons are the two world wars and socialist mass production, which might have caused even greater damage regarding the access to wine than the two wars together. However, we are now living at the beginning of the third millennium and Trnava has revived its wine tradition. Víno Tirnavia is nowadays one of the most significant Slovak competitions, and the tours of Trnava cellars during the Wine Cellars Day have become greatly visited events. History is followed by the cooperation with wineries in former vineyard villages, where wine making has been revived. And the most successful Slovak winery is based in Trnava. Dear visitor, let us invite you to enjoy a glass of fine wine, whether in one of Trnava cellars or in any wineries making wine at the place where vineyards were grown by Trnava burghers long ago. Have a glass of wine in the town where the history of Slovak wine making started.


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