Sculpture of St. Trinity

The influence of Trnava University manifested itself not only within the town’s economic growth, but also in its appearance. Besides the magnificent school buildings, several baroque sculptures were created here – including a big sculpture of St. Mary on the Academic square (the present-day University square), which was not preserved, and a sculpture of St. Joseph on the St. Nicolas square. Based on a contract from 1695, concluded between the university chancellor, the municipality, the parish priest, and Trnava Master Jan Krištof Khein, a Sculpture of St. Trinity was created on the main square. Expenses were partially covered by the university, and the municipality committed itself to provide the necessary materials.The Sculpture of St. Trinity was originally facing the town tower. At the corners of the square stand the author placed statues of St. Florian, St. Agatha, St. Anthony of Padua, and St. Francis Xavier, in the middle of which, lying in a stone grave, is a statue of St. Rosalia, the patron of those suffering from cholera. The base is complemented by cartouches with Mary Immaculate and the coats-of-arms of Trnava, the Kingdom of Hungary, and Bishop Štefan Dolný, one of the sculpture’s sponsors. The main scene represented in the sculpture is that of St. Trinity crowning the Virgin Mary, located at the top of the column. After World War II, the sculpture had a stormy existence. Firstly, the communist regime decided to relocate it to the corner of the square. However, in December 1949, they changed their original decision and removed the sculpture from the square altogether. According to the official explanation at the time, the sculpture was dismantled due to its poor technical condition, and its pieces were stored at various locations. After the revolution in 1989, Trnava citizens came up with the idea of returning the sculpture to the Trinity square. As many of the original pieces were missing or damaged, a significant part of the sculpture had to be recreated. Finally, the sculpture was revealed and ceremonially consecrated on 21st November, 1993. In contrast to the past, today the sculpture faces the Basilica of St. Nicolas.

Sculpture of St. Trinity


Sculpture of St. Trinity
Trojičné námestie
917 01 Trnava

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