Rosenthal Winery

If you pass the village of Ružindol in direction from Trnava, there is an inconspicuous house No. 5 behind a sharp right turn. However, it is only inconspicuous from the outside. As soon as you enter the yard, you find yourself in the authentic winery atmosphere. But Rosenthal Winery is not a museum. It is actual winery which was given the soul and uniqueness by Ingrid Vajcziková. Ingrid has experience from several big wineries. Besides her own winery, she works at the position of leading oenologist in Huber J.E. company. It might be a reason why her own wines are different. She achieved her first success with varietal wines e.g. her Irsai Oliver ranked among top hundred wines of the National Wine Collection in 2009. The top of wine making mastery is cuvee. It seems this is what suits to Ingrid Vajcziková. She created a cuvee edition she named after her sons. Anton Benedetto, Jakob Leonardo and Simon Carlo lent their names to wines which are equally original as each human being. The composition of individual blends is always different. While at the beginning, wines were based on Dornfelder, Merlot or Saint Laurent varieties present blends rather include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot as well as prospective Dunaj, suggesting that a move towards Bordeaux style is apparent. Ingrid gives her wines a lot of femininity, captivating aroma, beautiful colour and unforgettable taste. She does not lack creativity, enthusiasm for experimenting, sensitivity and talent, thank to which she has developed a unique style, while everybody can find their wine in her selection. The selection includes 28 top quality wines made of 20 grape varieties from 9 cultivators. She has also shown the sense of inventiveness in the production of young wines for which she has set up her own Bosore brand as well as in the production of enchanted wine called Bosorácke (i.e. witch wine). This wine was first made on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the wine producer´s residence in Ružindol. People living in Ružindol are called witches by people living in the surroundings, and a person becomes a witch after having lived in the village for ten years. The arrangement of degustation and meetings over a glass of wine under an old pergola at a peasant yard is a matter of course. Ingrid´s life philosophy, also transferred to the activities of Rosenthal Winery, is: “The best wine is the one you like!”



Rosenthal Winery
Ružindol 5
917 63 Ružindol

N 48.3704781 / E 17.49324569999999

Phone: 00421 905 80 71 17

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