Mrva & Stanko

Mrva & Stanko Winery is situated on the outskirts of Trnava, where you would look for grapevines in vain. However, as soon as you enter the winery premises you forget about everything else. Predominantly the biggest barrique cellar, which also includes glass degustation room, has unique atmosphere. The smell of wine and new barrique casks, fetching talking about wine and the wine itself combined with mysterious nooks of the cellar all create a particular fluid which you surrender to. Among all Slovak wineries, Víno Mrva & Stanko company is the winery which can justly be qualified as the best Slovak winery, which can be confirmed by mostly golden medals from the most prestigious world competitions, undoubtedly including the most valuable medal of the rose wine champion from Vinalies Paris competition. The famous wine is Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2009. As the company name itself suggests, the owners are two gentlemen. The first one is charismatic Vladimír Mrva, for whom wine and everything related to it is the meaning of life, and the other one is Peter Stanko, who has a sense of marketing. Since 1997, Víno Mrva & Stanko company has developed to become a modern European winery with countless awards, not missing the prestigious Vinárstvo roka 2010 (2010 Winery of the Year) title. Wines of Mrva & Stanko company are among the European elite. White wines excel at lovable bouquet, strength, juiciness and particularly their overall harmony. Choose any of them and you will not be disappointed. The same can be said about red wines, predominantly from the Winemaker´s cut line. Wine lovers appreciate the harmony of white wines and the nobility and elegance of red wines. We would like to focus the attention of demanding and experienced wine lovers on white Rheingau Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, and red Cabernet Sauvignon, beautifully elegant Pinot Noir, and we cannot forget about the original Slovak variety of Dunaj. Víno Mrva & Stanko company offers its customers a broad variety of services. If you are interested in buying wine but have nowhere to store it, you can rent a wine cubicle in the winery´s underground, where the wine can gradually age. If you want to invite your friends for wine tasting, you can choose from refreshments or meals prepared by our own cook. If you decide to stay overnight, a boarding house is at disposal as a part of the winery.

Mrva & Stanko


Mrva & Stanko
Orešianska 7/A
917 01 Trnava

N 48.38955190000001 / E 17.562198099999932

Phone: 00421 905 64 55 20

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