Marian Seminary - Marianum

Twenty years after the construction of the Rubrora seminary and the Noble Boarding House, another Marian seminary, called Marianum, was built. It was founded in 1667 by the archbishop Juraj Szelepčényi-Pohronec. It was structurally distinguished from the others, because it was shaped atypically in the form of the letter H, with two small courtyards. The street-facing wing was one-floor high; and the backyard wing had two floors. There were a chapel, a small theatre with twelve lodges on the balcony, and a gallery for the youngsters with 200 to 300 seats. Like other colleges, Marianum also had a large cultivating garden. Whereas others were located on the south side of the city, this garden was on the opposite side by the pond and what is today Špačinská Road. In the north-eastern part of the town, besides the Paulines’ and Trinitarian’s gardens, there was also the botanical garden of the Medical Faculty. In the early 20th century, the street-facing wing of Marianum, as well as Rubrorum next door, underwent a radical reconstruction. To replace the demolished first floor, a two-story ballroom arose, bringing the building to the same height with the adjacent monastery. From the original street-facing wing, only the early Baroque entrance portal with the statue of the Virgin Mary was preserved. The transverse wing was completely demolished and consequently today that part of the building facing the street is no longer connected to the courtyard wing, which fortunately was never rebuilt. After the university moved to Budin in the 19th century, a lyceum with two classes was established in the building. A memorial plaque in memory of the founder and the first president of Slovenská Matica (national and cultural awareness institution), Bishop Stephen Moyzes, is present on the facade – celebrating his work in Trnava. Today, the Marianum is part of the of the Archbishop’s Office of the Trnava archdiocese. Since 2007, its large ballroom has been occasionally used for ceremonial events and concerts.

Marian Seminary - Marianum


Marian Seminary - Marianum
Jána Hollého 7382/9A
917 01 Trnava

N 48.37927280669934 / E 17.588970944180346

Phone: +421 33 5912111

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