Magula Winery

One of the most beautiful views of the vineyard area of the Little Carpathians situated under the Little Carpathians can be enjoyed not far from Trnava, in the village of Suchá nad Parnou and its Magula Winery. You will probably miss the right turn the first time but this winery is definitely worth a while of looking for not only for the view. It is at a hilltop above the village, where a cellar was dug next to an original peasant house. The cellar is not big but the stone vault shelters actual treasures due to the wine making philosophy. The Magula family decided to develop bio production, while at the same time adopting authenticity. They try to produce wine without any intervention agents whether in the vineyard or in the cellar. One of the wines, Blue Frankovka, is produced entirely by hand without any machine usage. “The manual mode” is also implemented in stemming, grinding or pressing. Another unique wine is Blue Portugal, which is produced by means of carbonic maceration like Beaujolais wines; however unlike its French relatives, it has a greater potential, significant fruitfulness and purity. Wine produced from Blue Portugal variety made the village of Suchá nad Parnou famous already in the past. It seems that the Magula family found one of its best uses in the form of wine produced by means of carbonic maceration. Equally significant, if not even more significant variety than Blue Portugal for the Magula family is the variety of Blue Frankovka. Newly planted vineyard provides grapes used for wine of exceptional quality. Blue Frankovka has already been awarded several golden medals. The most significant one is from Concours Mondial de Bruxelles international competition. Cherchez la femme, or a woman is behind everything. Missis Katarína Magulová is a true soul of the vineyard. Her philosophy is very simple. Wine is not produced in Magula Winery but wine is given room for planting, growing and ageing into beauty. The Magula family exclusively processes grapes from their own four-hectare vineyard. Besides Blue Portugal, Blue Frankovka, Green Veltliner and Welschriesling varieties, they have also planted new Slovak varieties Devín, Dunaj, Hron and Rosa, providing top quality wines. By the time new vineyards bear fruit, the winery will have been a certified bio producer. In connection to the locality providing wine with strength and spiciness, they will be wines worth a while of getting lost while looking for them.

Magula Winery

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Magula Winery
Suchá nad Parnou 586
919 01 Suchá nad Parnou

N 48.42197119999999 / E 17.5043273

Phone: +421 905 489 009, +421 908 307 351

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