Little Carpathian Wine Tour

Little Carpathian wine tour is a part of a broader Little Carpathian region. It goes through the former royal towns of Bratislava, Svätý Jur, Pezinok and Modra, passes adjacent villages under the Little Carpathians and finishes in Trnava. Several villages of Trnava region with still living tradition of viniculture and wine making are also its part. The Little Carpathian wine tour starts in Trnava. Take Hospodárska Street and Trstínska cesta from the railway station to get to the round intersection with Ružindolská Street, to which you turn left. After several metres, turn right to Suchovská cesta, which continues north-westwards off the town as Orešianska Street. The municipality of Zvončín, which was a part of Suchá nad Parnou until 1995, welcomes you in the valley of the Parná Stream in a while. The most significant sight of the village is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Anna. The neighbouring vineyard village of Suchá nad Parnou is historically even more significant. The most interesting sight is the originally Baroque Roman Catholic Church of St. Martin. Besides viniculture, Suchá nad Parnou also has excellent conditions for water recreation. A cottage settlement was built close to the water reservoir with the possibility of water sports and fishing. The villages of Košolná and Dlhá lie further north-westwards. They were first settled by Croatian immigrants in the 16th century and by Habans later. Both villages have interesting sacral sights. The most significant sacral sights of Košolná are the Roman Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and a chapel built before 1542. Dlhá takes pride in the Gothic Roman Catholic Church of St. Margit from the 14th century. The tour continues from Dlhá through the area of Matildin dvor, after which the route turns right on the second-class road. The vineyard villages of Dolné Orešany and Horné Orešany lie at the foot of the Little Carpathians and are predominantly famous for the production of excellent Orešany red wine. The originally Gothic Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary from the 14th century is a valuable architectural monument of Dolné Orešany. Its interior is historically valued for late Gothic wall paintings from the beginning of the 16th century. Sacral sights of Horné Orešany include the late Baroque Church of the Name of Virgin Mary. The Little Carpathian Wine Tour returns back to Trnava from Horné Orešany along Suchá nad Parnou and Zvončín.


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