Koniarek, Ján

The most significant Slovak sculptor, who was born in Voderady near Trnava. He acquired education at a school of industrial art and academy of arts in Budapest. He completed his art studies in Munich. Until the beginning of the World War I, he worked as a pedagogue at a school of art in Belgrade. During the post-war years, he lived in his own atelier in Trnava and later, during the existence of the Slovak State, he taught at a university in Bratislava. He became a leading personage of plastic art of the 20th century in Slovakia. Among his most famous works, we can include: "Hlava Jána Krstiteľa" and sculpture of Pavol Orságh Hviezdoslav. His "Pomník padlým v 1. svetovej vojne" and probably the most famous "Súsošie Antona Bernoláka" on a promenade are situated in Trnava. A part of his creations was destroyed during the World War I. Today, the substantial part of his works is situated in a gallery in Trnava, which is also named after him. His early works are marked by Art Nouveau effects, while the ones from author's later period have signs of existentialism. This memorable artist died in Trnava.


Detailed information

Date Of Birth
30. 1. 1878

Date Of Death
4. 5. 1952



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