Ján Palárik Memorial Room, Majcichov

Ján Palárik, a national revivalist, Catholic priest, dramatist and organizer of national life lived in the 19th century. He worked as a priest in Starý Tekov, Banská Štiavnica, at a German parsonage in Pest and later in Majcichov. He participated in the foundation of Matica Slovenská (Slovakia's scientific and cultural institution) and he was also active in political life when he founded Nová škola slovenská political party. This made him a national life organizer and agitator. He was also a dramatist; moreover he edited journals, newspapers and textbooks. To commemorate his death, a memorial room, which documents his life and work, was established in Majcichov. A panel exhibition maps Palárik’s birthplace, his studies and work as a publicist, priest and national revivalist. His bust made from patina gypsum is a dominant element of the memorial room. The memorial room also comprises the exhibition of Majcichov history with an emphasis on other important figures associated with the village such as František Richard Osvald and Michal Kopčan

Ján Palárik Memorial Room, Majcichov

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Ján Palárik Memorial Room, Majcichov

920 22 Majcichov

N 48.283278 / E 17.631876

Phone: Municipal Office : Phone: 00421 33 558 31 36

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