The diversity of Trnava region surface and a relatively dense network of marked cycling paths create opportunities to visit interesting places. Almost all of the natural, cultural and historical attractions, either on the slightly undulating territory of Trnava highland or on the forested terrain of the Little Carpathians, are easily accessible by bicycle. Being in the centre of the region, Trnava is the ideal starting point for cycling trips in any direction. Official marking of the trails and their maintenance are provided by the Slovak Cycling Club - Bicyglo Trnava (www.cyklotrasy - Described below are combinations of marked cycling routes and other roads which are public; and state roads not marked with the same methodology of the cycling trails. In order to be able to read them, only basic topography and road traffic signs knowledge is needed. The Little Carpathians cycleways described here run along forest roads, the surface of these paths may be rough requiring therefore a bicyle with some degree of technical equipment, in good conditions and a fit and skilled cyclist. Some roads can be combined using trains or buses. This is a great advantage in order to avoid those parts of the trails witth heavy traffic - lowering the risk of injury. The network of buses and trains Trnava in the municipal district of Trnava is relatively dense.


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