House of Music

Like several burgher houses in Trnava, the origin of the present House of Music of Mikuláš Schneider Trnavský goes back to the period of the town’s beginnings. The original house from the 13th century is incorporated in its core. The 17th century is also connected with this house through a legend which states that the Hungarian crown was kept there during the Bethlen uprising. This is also suggested by the Latin inscription on the main façade parapet: I, the foreigner, was once dwelling under this roof. The Altar-Keeping of the Body of Christ association (i.e. the administration of a particular altar of a parish church), which was led by canonists at the time of the Esztergom Chapter’s presence in town, was seated here for a certain time. It was later a service apartment for the regenschori of the parish Church of St. Nicolas, connected with the life of a significant Trnava native, Mikuláš Schneider Trnavský (1881 – 1958), who features in Slovak history as an important composer, conductor, performer, and pedagogue. After his studies in Budapest, Vienna, and Prague, and stays abroad, he became the regenschori - the choirmaster of the parish Church of St. Nicolas, in 1910. This ensemble, comprised of a choir and an orchestra, almost achieved a professional level under his leadership. They performed the works of Händel or Bach, and Schneider enriched their repertoire with his own works. He was the first to study the music history of Trnava. His relationship to the town is perhaps most accurately expressed by the name Trnavský (“of Trnava”, translator´s note). He was awarded the title of National Artist in 1956 for his life-work.The House of Music is a part of the West-Slovakian Museum, and it includes the master´s memorial room and a Baroque illusive wall painting with an exotic country motif. The second part of the exhibition includes the “Dobro” Hall of Fame dedicated to the resophonic guitar, which was set up in honour of the guitar´s inventor, Ján Dopjera, from the nearby village of Dolná Krupá.

House of Music

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House of Music
Dom hudby, M. Schneidra Trnavského 5
91701 Trnava

N 48.37866686214309 / E 17.590319218801824

Phone: +421 33 5512556

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