Hiking trails

In order to hike, we need to go north-westward to the Little Carpathians, where we can find a rich network of marked hiking trails and several natural and historical attractions. The surroundings of Smolenice are the most attractive for hiking, offering many interesting spots for hikers. They include, Smolenice Castle, Driny Cave, wild Hlboča Gorge, and Molpír, a significant archaeological locality. One of the traditional hikes from Smolenice leads to the highest mountain of the Little Carpathians - Záruby (767 m) and the nearby Ostrý Kameň ruin. Other remarkable trails lead around the picturesque surroundings of villages situated at the foot of the mountains, e.g. Buková, Naháč, and Dobrá Voda. The greatest local attractions include, Dobrá Voda Carst, Dobrá Voda ruin, the romantic ruin of the Monastery of St. Catherine, Buková water reservoir, and Korlátko ruin.


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