Herda, Jozef

The wrestler and first Slovak Olympic medal winner. He was born in Trnava; nevertheless, he started with wrestling no sooner than in Prague, where he went to find a job as a qualified locksmith. He earned his first sport success at the age of eighteen. In 1934, he achieved the sixth place at the European Championship, Rome. He fought his way to the Olympic Games taking place in 1936, also in Rome. He competed in two categories - as a wrestler in Greco-Roman style and free style as well. In the category up to 66kg, he gained a silver medal. His career was affected by several unfavourable events. He did not make his way to the previous Olympic Games held in Los Angeles owing to limited financial resources. During his prime in 1940, the Olympics Games did not take place due to the world war. Later, he achieved a title of European Champion and fifteen titles of Czechoslovak Champion. He won 1,501 fights out of 1587. He actively performed couching and referee activities. He did wrestling actively until 1956. In honour of his significant success, a square and secondary grammar sport school in Trnava are named after him. He died in Bratislava.


Detailed information

Date Of Birth
21. 4. 1910

Date Of Death
4. 10. 1985



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