Haulík, Juraj

The first Croatian cardinal and archbishop. He was born in Trnava, and later, he studied in Esztergom, Trnava and Vienna. After studies of theology, he took holy orders in 1811. At first, he worked as a chaplain in Komárno, and since 1835, as a canon in Esztergom. He became an advisor of the Hungarian Royal Vice-regent Council in Buda and also of the Hungarian Royal Court Office in Vienna. In 1835, he was appointed the archbishop of Zagreb, and since he presented himself as a prudent Slovak, he actively supported his compatriots within the whole Kingdom of Hungary. Thanks to him, Palárik's play - "Drotár" -was performed at the opening of the theatre in Zagreb. In 1865, he was appointed a cardinal. He organised religious life and contributed to foundation of monastic societies and clubs. He established departments of Croatian language at schools and supported the national theatre. Haulik's own speeches, sermons and defence orations of the Slavs were also published. He died in Zagreb. A commemorative medal of this Trnava man is placed in his native home in the St.Nicolas Square.


Detailed information

Date Of Birth
20. 4. 1788

Date Of Death
11. 5. 1869



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