Golguz brand is derived from the historical name of the town of Hlohovec. Local vineyards provide excellent material for premium wines. Several champions of the competitive wine exhibition have originated in Hlohovec. Even though Hlohovec is administratively included in the Little Carpathian wine region, vineyards profit from the Sun leaning on the slopes of the Považský Inovec southern projections. The overall microclimate is also formed by the Váh River. Food Farm company owns 240 hectares of vineyards and it was selling almost 100 % of the production by 2006. The first wine of Golguz brand was made in the historical year 2006. Since then, Golguz wines regularly occupy the first positions at the most significant competitions including the National Collection of Wines. Blue varieties flourish in the area, while Alibernet and Dornfelder are among the best known ones. A safe bet is naturally sweet wines, predominantly Pinot Blanc, which has been awarded several champion titles. The lovers of white dry wines or rose wines will also enjoy their visit. You can also try rare Aurelius variety. Golguz winery is situated at the exit from Hlohovec to Piešťany. This part of town is surrounded by vineyards, which create the image of the landscape. The winery itself is situated in reconstructed premises of the former collective farm. There is a stylish degustation room in the cellar; however you can also enjoy wine in a modern shop, which is one of the most beautiful ones you can see in our wineries. The Day of Open Cellars, annually held in Hlohovec, is a great opportunity to visit Golguz winery.



Duklianska 21
920 14 Hlohovec

N 48.4302016 / E 17.799393399999985

Phone: 00421 903 20 28 69
E-mail: foodfarm@foodfarm.sk
Webpage: http://www.golguz.sk/

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