Galéria Smolenice Wine House

The village of Smolenice is the last stop upon wine touring around the Little Carpathians. The dominant element of the village is the Smolenice Castle, which was reconstructed by the Pálffy family to the form of a lightly fortified castle. The Pálffy family was always significantly interested in wine and their wine cellar was always full of the best wine. Peter Križan and his wife Kamila have adopted the same philosophy. Love to wine made them open their own wine house in the centre of Smolenice. They changed from the selling of cask wines to bottled wines which they carefully select. Wine they sell has to be first of all tasty for them. Logical continuation was the opening of a wine house in the premises of the Smolenice Castle in one of its towers, which used to be a chapel. Very sensitively chosen wine composition, the castle atmosphere and devoted talking of the couple about wine must charm each wine lover. They try to meet the requirements of all visitors coming to the Smolenice Castle. You can try any wine, take a coffee or a cup of tea, or mint or ginger lemonade in summer. The name Vínotéka Galéria (Gallery Wine House) is not accidental at all. Its premises were originally decorated only by the paintings of the owners´ daughter, however works of other artists have been added and you can not only watch them but also buy them right from the authors. The wine house is also connected to art or rather culture through concerts held in irregular intervals and understandably connected with meetings over a good wine. 

Galéria Smolenice Wine House

Opening Hours

Monday: closed , Tuesday - Friday: 11:00 - 13:00 ,14:00 - 18:00 , Saturday: 9:00 - 15:00


Galéria Smolenice Wine House
SNP 77
919 04 Smolenice

N 48.5065745 / E 17.43093090000002

Phone: 00421 903 82 81 42

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