Fándly, Juraj

One of the most significant representatives of the Slovak national revival, member of Bernolák's generation who focused his literary work on education and teaching of the people. He was a Catholic priest, who was born in the municipality Častá, to a poor craftsman's family. He attended a school in Šaštín and later, he studied theology in Buda and Trnava. He worked in Sereď as a chaplain and between 1780 and 1807, as a parish priest in Naháč. He accepted the type of standard Slovak language promoted by Bernolák and became a member of the Slovak Learned Society. In his opinions, he supported Enlightenment efforts of Joseph II, however, this fact caused that his relations with Church officers were bad. The work “Dúverná zmlúva mezi mňíchom a diáblom” represents a type of Enlightenment literary text where Fándly promotes his progressive ideas. His work was criticised by Jozef Ignác Bajza with whom he held the so-called Bernolákian polemics. “Piľní domajší a poľní hospodár” “Zelinkár”, “Slovenskí včelár” and other works were created for farmers. He also wrote a history of the Slovak nation, which was published in Latin. He died in Doľany (Ompitál) during his retirement. His memorial house can be visited in the municipality Naháč.

Fándly, Juraj

Detailed information

Date Of Birth
21. 10. 1750

Date Of Death
7. 3. 1811



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