Church of the Holy Trinity

Even though the Church of the Holy Trinity is nowadays an adjacent monastery known as a Jesuit Church, it was built by the Order of Trinitarians. After their arrival in Trnava, the Trinitarians first settled in buildings taken from the Trnava Evangelists, which were situated not far from the Franciscan monastery. They later bought several houses at present-day Štefánikova and Františkánska streets, and in 1720, with generous help from Bishop Ján Okoličáni - whose monumental stone coat of arms is a front face decoration - they started to build their own church.The main altar dominates over several Baroque side pillar altars. Its outsized picture, depicting the order founders St. John of Matha and St. Felix of Valois in front of the Holy Trinity, is the most significant work of the interior. It was painted by a significant Austrian painter, Franz Anton Maulbertsch, in the 1750s. The side altar of the Virgin Mary is the keeping place of the remains of two Košice martyrs – Jesuits Štefan Pongrác and Melichar Grodziecki. They are kept in a glass reliquary under a picture which is a copy of the picture of the gracious Virgin Mary of Regensburg. The church includes a side Eclectistic Chapel of St. Joseph from 1900, whose construction was initiated by J. Müller, who was probably a very devoted citizen, as his name is also connected with the constructions of the Ursuline school and the Calvary and Chapel of the Holy Cross at the New Cemetery.On the monastery´s first floor, above the sacristy, there is a small monastery chapel. It is equipped in a modern style. Its main picture was painted by Stanislav Dusík, a painter living in Florence. A wall painting from the 18th century, presenting the main motifs of Trinitarian iconography - the Holy Trinity, portraits of the Order’s founders, and genre scenes depicting their activities - is the monastery´s pride.The Trinitarians did not avoid the Orders reduction by the Emperor Joseph II, which is why they stopped their activities in Trnava in 1782. The monastic buildings were given to the Royal Grammar School, and in 1807 the church and school were taken over by the Benedictines. Later, in 1852, a renewed Jesuit Society of Jesus took over the college and church.

Church of the Holy Trinity


Church of the Holy Trinity
Štefánikova 45
91701 Trnava

N 48.378209964184705 / E 17.58495144477456


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