Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

The construction of the Clarist Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary goes back to the beginnings of the town - to the beginning of the 13th century. Clarists, as a women´s branch of the Franciscans, are first mentioned in Trnava in 1239, i.e. still during the life of St. Clare, the Order’s founder. They were recorded as sisters of the Order of St. Damien, as their first monastery was dedicated to this saint. These sisters, later called Clarists, settled where the Franciscan brothers had already functioned. The brothers helped them to establish monasteries, and, if necessary, they represented them in public, since Clarists were among the Orders with a very strict cloister. They lived the rest of their lives behind the monastery walls in complete separation from their surroundings, contemplating, praying or doing small handicrafts. The strictness of the Order’s rules is demonstrated by a regulation modification by Pope Innocent IV, which allowed the nuns to wear fur clothing during winter.The monastery and church began construction shortly after the Clarists arrival in town. The original single-nave church with a square sanctuary was partially modified in the 14th century, and in the 17th century it was enlarged with the addition of a refectory on the ground floor and an oratory on the first floor, separating present sisters from people in the church. The vault of the church nave, the sacristy, and tower all originated during this period. Like other religious buildings in town, the building activities of the Clarists were financially supported by Cardinal Peter Pázmaň. The interior was complemented by Baroque altars in the 18th century.The first monastery was a simple building adjacent to the church from the south. The original building from the 13th century was gradually extended and it was finally incorporated into the transverse courtyard wing separating two separate monastery courtyards.The order was abolished by Joseph II and the buildings were thus used for new purposes. Like in many other buildings, a boarding house for ill war veterans was established there. Later, when part of the fortification wall on the southern part of the former monastery was demolished, and the water ditch was filled in, a large new ornamental garden was joined to the premises, which was adapted into the town amphitheatre in the second half of the 20th century. At that time, the former Clarist monastery became the home of the West-Slovakian Museum.

Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary


Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary
Muzejné nám. 3
91701 Trnava

N 48.37567220366476 / E 17.59307779881135


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