Church of St. Peter and Paul in Bohdanovce nad Trnavou

The Bohdanovce nad Trnavou village lies north in close neighbourhood of Trnava. One of the most significant sights of the village is the originally Gothic Roman-Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul from the 14th century. The more exact date of the church construction is unknown. However, the oldest part of the church is known – it is the preserved presbytery with Gothic groin vault. Nowadays, the presbytery serves as side chapel. In 1397, a church nave was built out to the sanctuary oriented in the west-east direction. The entrance portal was moved to the south wall and until 1940 it was used as the main entrance. In the first half of the 16th century, an octagonal church tower was built. The church was seriously damaged by the cannonade of the Bethlen’s troops during the Anti-Habsburg uprising in 1623. During its reconstruction three windows were immured and two were rebuilt in neo-Romanesque style.The damaged Gothic altar was replaced by the present Baroque altar. Based on the canonry visitation from 1782 it is obvious that the church had two more altars except the main one. In the church tower there were three bells consecrated by the Esztergom bishop Pavol Révay. The bells were replaced by new ones in 1764 and 1773. The next bells exchange took place in 1921. In the 1940s the church tower was casted off with octagonal brick pinnacle. The year 1984 was a period of partial reconstruction when old side altars were replaced by new ones. In addition to that, also the pastophorium, which by then had reminded about the gothic origins of the church, was immured too. In1939, a new more spacious church construction started to be planned. The condition, under which the construction proceeded was, that the original sanctuary and tower will be preserved, so that the most valuable parts of the church will stay intact. The new church of St.Peter and Paul was consecrated in 1940. The sanctuary, which was separated from the main nave by an arch of triumph, got a new design after the modifications in the period between 1938 and 1985. Also today the church tower has three bells. The biggest one is dedicated to the church’s patrons – St.Peter and Paul.
Foto: Bohdanovcie nad Trnavou

Church of St. Peter and Paul in Bohdanovce nad Trnavou


Church of St. Peter and Paul in Bohdanovce nad Trnavou
Bohdanovce nad Trnavou 47
91909 Bohdanovce nad Trnavou

N 48.435203700865685 / E 17.541222142713877


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