Church of St. Anne

The Baroque Church of St. Anne, the youngest among the churches in the historical centre, and the last church built inside the fortification walls, concludes the chapter of Trnava Baroque sacral architecture. The Ursuline sisters, an order dealing with the education of girls, settled in Trnava in 1724. They received land with use of a church, rectory, and Evangelic school. After buying their own land, they started to build the foundations of the Ursuline monastery in 1728, and the foundation stone for a chapel, which they temporarily used until the church was completed, was laid a year later.Construction was complicated due to disputes with neighbours. An unsatisfied neighbour built walls in front of the chapel windows, and went so far as to burn the prefect with hot water. King Charles VI solved this conflict by decree, ordering the “defiant” neighbour to leave her house to the sisters, who in turn had to immediately pay her 1,500 golden coins. The foundation stone of the monastic Church of St. Anne was laid not sooner than 1774, and the construction took two years. The dominant element of the authentically preserved Baroque-Classicist interior is the main altar from 1789, with the image of St. Anne teaching the Virgin Mary by well-known painter, Jozef Zanussi. The image beside it, of Christ on the Mount of Olives, is also his work. The altar of the Virgin Mary, which was a gift to the church from Maria Theresa after leaving the university, is situated next to it. Its lower half includes a coffin with the remains of the Košice martyrs.The Ursulines managed a girls´ school in town. After the opening of the teachers training college, more room was necessary for classrooms, resulting in the construction of a new two-floor school with a chapel and a gym built on the lots of several older houses in 1901. The main architect was Jozef Kadlec, and townsman Jozef Müller contributed financially. Kadlec and Müller were also involved in the construction of the Chapel of St. Joseph in the Holy Trinity Church, and the Calvary outside of town.

Church of St. Anne


Church of St. Anne
Hviezdoslavova 9
91701 Trnava

N 48.3782892 / E 17.58820209999999


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