Blaho Winery

Blaho Winery is based in the village of Zeleneč not far from Trnava. Igor Blaho is a true lover of Slovakian varieties cultivated by a team under the supervision of Dorota Pospíšilová, as well as a passionate grape grower. Igor Blaho owns some of the most beautiful vineyards you can find in Trnava surroundings. Ten perfectly cultivated hectares are a basic condition of the top quality grapes growing. As the vineyard area is quite extensive, variety composition is full. He probably cultivates all “crimson rivers”, as someone accurately called Slovakian hybrid grape varieties. Blue varieties Dunaj, Váh, Hron, Nitria, Rimava etc. are greatly enjoyed, as they provide high quality wines. An interesting variety is Rosa with rose smell, thus partially reminding Tramín, however it is a blue variety providing red wines. As already mentioned, the vineyards of Igor Blaho are excellently cultivated, therefore it is not exceptional that his wines include red wines of top attributes from the category of berry selection upwards. The distinguishing sign are monumental red up to even ink-black and full-bodied wines full of overripe black forest fruit. Blaho Winery annually arranges a seminar on Slovak new varieties, which has earned a good name in several years of its existence. Dorota Pospíšilová, the author of Slovak new hybrid grape varieties, and winemakers from whole Slovakia regularly participate in it in order to gain experience of new varieties cultivation. Guided degustation of all Slovak new varieties is a true experience.

Blaho Winery

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Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 17:00


Blaho Winery
Hlavná 40
919 21 Zeleneč

N 48.33088919999999 / E 17.5993158

Phone: +421 33 551 14 44, +421 911 324 231

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