Bajza, Jozef Ignác

The author of the first Slovak novel, writer and Catholic priest. He was born in Predmier and studied theology in the Pasmaneum in Vienna. Jozef Ignác Bajza worked as a chaplain in Esztergom and Zbehy, and as a parish priest in the municipality Dolné Dubové since 1783. That is also where he created majority of his works. He refused standard Slovak promoted by Bernolák and therefore, he had arguments with Anton Bernolák and Juraj Fándly as well. His own version of standard Slovak language failed to take root that is why his compatriots describe him as a bitter person. Bajza's masterpiece “René mláďenca príhodi a skúsenosťi” could have been published only after it was censured by the Church. Unfortunately, its second part was banned. The main character, René, was described in the novel as a prototype of a progressively thinking man. However, the whole novel was not published sooner than in 1950s of the 20th century. He also wrote short epigrams published under the title “Slovenské dvojnásobné epigrammata, jednako-konco-hlasné a zvuko-mírné”. At the end of his life, the archbishop Alexander Rudnay appointed him as a canon in Bratislava, where he also died.


Detailed information

Date Of Birth
5. 3. 1755

Date Of Death
1. 12. 1836



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