Beautiful Nature, Romantic Ruins and Cool Underground Waiting for You

Clear morning air with the smell of blossoming lime trees. Diamonds of dew on cobwebs, bird singing, a whimsical flight of a butterfly and bees buzzing over a meadow in bloom. A soft carpet of moss in a temple-like colonnade of slender beech trees with sun-gilded leaves.  Smell of mushrooms in moist undergrowth and a sun set over a water surface  – this all and even much more is waiting for visitors making trips in the Trnava surroundings. You can select from several tourist trails depending on whether you are more attracted by romantic castle ruins Dobrá Voda, Ostrý Kameň and Korlátka, or by the Hlboča gorge with breath-taking views from the mountain ridge and protected flora species,  or the neighbouring mysterious archaeological site of Molpír. Your trip to Smolenice can take you also to the Smolenice Castle surrounded by a beautiful  English park, or to the highest hill of the Small Carpathians – Záruby. Why not to make a walk around the Buková reservoir, or to the village of Naháč with the parish house of Juraj Fándly, the Slovak national revivalist, writer and priest, where you should not miss the ethnographic exhibition, the historical bee-house and the rare never-blossoming Fándly´s apple tree. From there it takes only “a leap”  to get to the ruins of the St. Catharine Monastery and Church. With the arrival of spring, also the underground opens to tourists – the magical Driny Cave with its rich stalactite decorations, flowstone curtains, legendary “elephant ears” and lakes, where also at the time of summer heat, the temperature is constantly about 7° Celsius.

26. 4. 2014


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